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It works because it is made of non-conductive material. This gives it insulating property.

There are three ways to transfer heat. Conduction Convection Radiation.

Conduction is the process of one object touching another. Given time they both become the same temp.

Convection applies to liquid or gases. This process is that of heat ( which is always lighter) being moved by currents, air or liquid. The fact that heat is lighter means that it's warmer at a room's ceiling than the floor.

Radiation is caused is caused by electromagnetic waves and does not apply here. The term can be confused with what we call radiant heat. When on object 'throws' heat this is actually convected heat with a strong source of supply. Think radiator or oven.

In our case the contact between the manifold and the carb is interrupted by material ( the spacer ) that resists molecular movement. The engine temp is allowed to be different than the carb.

Something to ponder: All heat is the result of molecular activity. As molecules slow temperature falls. Therefore ( technically ) there is no such a thing ( thing being a process ) as cold. It is a lack of heat.

Or as said by JWL it moves the carb away.

Vaporization is an exothermic reaction. As the gas is atomized, vaporized it cools. The spacer allows the carb be cooled as well.
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