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Default Re: Hubs for new cast drums

It is a common refrain here to use original parts because they are better than the repros and that is often true. The rear hubs may be an exception to that. The originals ALWAYS wear through the hardening at the outside end (nearest the axle taper). That is because Henry's hardening process didn't work very well and the hardening in there wasn't as good as out near the circlip. That is easy to see if you check the hardness of the end of the bearing area - the bit square to the axle. It is quite soft, meaning that the hardening process had little or no affect in there. I am in the process at this very time of scrapping Henry's setup and using modern bearings which will be MUCH harder than what Henry did.Modifications are few and easily reversed with the use of the repair kits available (which I also won't use because they are no better than Henry's poor quality in this item and likely worse.)
IMO, the OP should buy new hubs and if his Trumpet ends are OK, assemble with a decent set of original rollers. They will last for many years with the little use most of us give their cars. I drive the wheels off mine. As for the supplier of the hubs and drums, I agree with those who say Randy Gross is the way to go.
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