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Default Re: Woops. What next

Originally Posted by Lawson Cox View Post
I'm just off of I-20 at Exit 93. My plan was/is to charge the battery and see if I got lucky. if I didn't I am going to have to have some help with R&Ring the distributor at the front of the engine. LIKE TO NEVER HAVE GOTTEN IT DONE ABOUT 2 YEARS AGO. If it wont crank, off the coil goes to Skip for yet another rebuild. Keeping fingers crossed. Anyone around that wants to help an old man will be greatly appreciated, LOL. 770-784-0507.
That's around the Covington area right? I'm in the north Atlanta, Alpharetta area. But if you need a hand sometime I could make the trip. I'm a newbie on flatheads still, but I would gladly turn wrenches in exchange for knowledge. I've always been a mid 50's to 60's guy until I got my '40.
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