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Default Re: Truck based woody

After work I roughed out the rear posts and set the laminated roof stringers on top for the first time. Next I will shape the stringers to fit into the square recess on each side of the windshield header, then shape the wooden 'V' piece over the windshield and cut out the steel header panel to accept it. I think after that I will rabbet out the other 4 posts for doors and set them up to the stringer. The panel truck door that is temporarily installed on the passenger side sits 5" above the running board so That is my benchmark for the bottom of the wood structure. My 4 rearmost floor to post brackets are 3x5x 3/8" angle which is quite heavy, but a neighbor had it and he also has a power hacksaw so he cut them for me last weekend. They are in for now with lags but will be replaced by # 14 flathead screws and stainless carraige bolts when I get to town. The 3/4" t x g fir decking will be routed out to cover the bottom part and I plan to radius the top of the brackets and paint them before I fasten them in for good. The rear posts at the front doors are connected by a piece of 2x2 square tubing with gusseted straps. The 2x2 spans the rear of the cab and fortifies the cab floor in the absence of a rear cab wall. As little as is there, it feels pretty rigid. Yes it's a bit overbuilt, but it's a truck.....
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