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Default Re: Happy Model A Fathers Day

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I celebrated fathers day on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday my wife and I drove my Fordor up into the Bushy Mountains looking for peaches and some booze. There are two country stores but it was too early for peaches. We did however find some booze at the Holman Distillery ( This is a one-man operation making some traditional country liquor. We bought some Apple John, what john calls his apple jack, some Apple Jack, what John calls his apple brandy, and some 148 proof vodka, really legal moon shine as it is made from corn. This is the only traditional apple jack made in the USA. It is made by removing the water from hard apple cider by freezing the cider and scooping off the ice that comes to the surface. It is only 40 proof but tastes really good, but not sweet. I have not sampled the other stuff yet.

Saturday night we drove the Model A into town (Wilkesboro) for a free bluegrass concert. This is more of a modern bluegrass with a drum set so people were dancing.

Sunday I had a Zoom meeting with my kids who are scattered all over the country. All in all a good fathers day weekend.
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