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Default Re: Lathe set up help for my shop

Originally Posted by rotorwrench View Post
That appears to be an older model. Some of the stuff made back in the 80s was pretty decent. They kept changing colors over the years. Blue to green and finally white on a lot of the small ones.

The main thing is that it was cared for and not worn to where it is loose in certain positions. That one doesn't appear to have been abused. Looks pretty good in a photo.

It's a nice tight machine, not abused.....needs some cleaning and the one feed screw and nut replaced, the rest of the machine is as tight as new......My good friend and old school machinist just left from looking at it for me too, He is coming over this weekend and gonna pull the screw and nut and take it to his shop and make me a new one SO hopefully by next weekend I'll be "turning" nice and tight!!!! As I said my "other" machinist friend went with me and checked it out, ran it and gave me the "thumbs up" we go!!!!
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