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Default Re: Changing a 36 steering box for a 37

Originally Posted by 36coupe View Post
I got everything disassembled, the only thing left is to get the worm off the 36 shaft. Debating whether to press it off or just slice it down the side relieve the pressure. I have a real nice 37 steering wheel but once I got the horn button out, I realized the 36 button is probably bigger in diameter. I’ll probably JB weld the cracks sand and paint the wheel.
I would press that worm off the '36 shaft. There were some previous posts on pressing worm gears on or off shafts, if you do a search you should find them. One post by NealinCa and another by me.
You could use your '37 steering wheel if you find a '37 horn button, light switch rod. Or use your '35 steering wheel & horn button, light switch rod by repairing cracks in wheel with PC-7, JB Weld, or some other good quality two part epoxies.

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