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I get it now; So now the question go's out to everyone that owns one of these fine old cars.

What I was asking is this about how much do this cars go for now a days since they all sold for over a 1,000.00 new I was just wandering on how much they all go for now in todays market in the US.

Or where ever doesn't mater what country as it would be kind of neat to know what they all cost in different country's in todays market that is.

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with so few of them out there- it is very difficult to put a price on one.
but as I mentioned, just because it is rare, doesnt necessarily translate into value. Orphan type cars are all over the place.
As an example, A Tucker is extremely rare and goes well over a million. Cars from the mid teens dont have nearly the following, but of course an early Mercer raceabout can sell for a couple of million. A 1916 Mercer touring sold at the AACA auction at Hershey for 67k in the fall, which is a very desireable car. But since it is only the touring, has nowhere near the value of the raceabout...........

so it's anyones guess, but not as much as you might think.

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