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Default Re: The Jeffery Automobile Company

I do service work for a collector in Santa Cruz who has a 1914 Jeffery with the big 6 cylinder engine. It's an amazingly well engineered car. One of the fascinating aspects of it is the starter: The flywheel is wound as an armature, and the flywheel housing is wound with field coils. It has four 6volt batteries and a switch that you use to select whether they are connected in series for starting ( 24volts) and parallel for running at 6 volts. when you step on the starter, the engine just starts turning over, with no starter motor or ring gear noise. Its quite powerful too. I rebuilt the transmission and was super pleased with the attention to detail and the fine finishes to the machine work. Every nut and bolt is finely detailed and obviously made by hand. The owner is thinning his herd and told me he would sell it, as I was interested in it once. New, it was as expensive as a Cadillac. He is asking $125K for it, which is less than half what a '14 Cadillac would sell for. Its in concours condition, restored from a very low mileage original and has the optional Rudge wire wheels.

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