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Default Re: 1936 coil testing

Originally Posted by 4dFord/SC View Post
A little off the subject, but wondering if coils can deteriorate just sitting on the shelf, like condensers, or do they get weak through repeated use?
No they won't deteriorate on the shelf. The material used to
make coils years ago was not good to start with. They had coil
problems when the cars were new. Were OK in cold temps but
failed in hot weather when the engine got hot. After cooling
they would work until hot again. The only way to test is heated
up on a coil test machine. 99.9 percent of a ALL 32 to 48 coils
fail when hot. The coils Skip rebuilds are the only coils ever
produced that don't fail. There has been attempts over the years
by others that never worked. One was removing the potting
material, drying the coil and filling with G.E. silicon and broken
up pieces of styrafoam. The other dried them out and filled with
epoxy. Neither worked plus the epoxied ones could not be taken
apart. The few coils of SKIPS that have failed were repaired at NO
charge even after 20 years. G.M.
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