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Default 1949-59 Ford Parts Manuals on Computer Disk w/ diagrams and part numbers

City: Loveland
State: Ohio
Price: $15-18

Ford Barn Folks,

Take a look at this link to a fabulous CD I have listed on ebay. The CD includes the pdf (Adobe Reader format) scans of the two 1949-1959 parts manuals (both part numbers and diagrams) and the Ford manual made in the late 50's that covers the 223, the 332, the 352 FE, and the 292 Y block. Also on the CD are manuals that cover the Paxton VS57 McCulloch blower rebuilds, and the great Borg Warner files on the R10/R11 overdrive and the T85 transmissions. Check out this link to see what all is included.

The Ford Barn price shipped to your door is only $15 for the CD... that includes the shipping. IF Interested, DO NOT purchase through ebay... save the charges to me and you by simply sending an email to and mention that you saw the CD for sale on the Ford Barn. We will then invoice you through paypal. You can also visit and purchase through my personal website.

We can now do a Thumb Drive (4GB!) that will include all files above. It is still only $18 shipped.

We do accept personal checks and money orders...
Daniel Jessup
6218 Spires Drive
Loveland, Ohio 45140

Thank you
Loveland, Ohio
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