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Default The Ford Century

I had the pleasure of having my Ford Ranger Airbag Module being replaced in a recall yesterday. One hour scheduled to do the work and the truck is back in service with no hitches.

While waiting the hour, I chanced upon the book "The Ford Century" which was on the coffee table in the waiting room.

The structure of the book was basically: here is a historical development - here is where Ford stands now similarly.

A lot on the Model T including pictures, development, continuous change, the assembly line, and associates of Ford who helped in development.

Not so much on the Model A, although Edsel Ford was named on this and many other progressive aspects of Ford Engineering.

Interesting to pass by the pages describing the 1937 "Battle of the Overpass" (including before and after pictures) and the next page "Ford Today with respect to the Unions" - and my reflecting on the GM Walkout currently underway.

A coffee table book which I reluctantly put down when the one hour recall turned out to be 48 minutes.

Yunno, thinking of that book, Ford is not America, but America is Ford - which I'm kind of proud of overall...

As opposed to GM who may be the heartbeat - but not the soul.

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