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Default Re: How to treat the new Front Leaf Spring

Originally Posted by SeaSlugs View Post
Can you elaborate? Im not saying your wrong by any means i just don't understand how paint and grease increases the spring rate

Grease and paint are a very poor lubricant. Grease alone is ok.
The paint would break down quickly from pressure and become GRIT.

Grease and oil are a poor spring lube because they attract dirt and grit.
It becomes like you lubed the spring with valve lapping compound.
That's why most people use Slip Plate or Dry Moly spray.

By saying "think you have no springs" do you mean the car will sit lower or "bottom out" on hard bumps or be bouncy as can be?

It would be extremely stiff with limited travel.

I do know when i had to replace the shocks on my modern pickup with rear leafs i bounced the back-end with no shocks attached and i didn't think it would ever stop bouncing!
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