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Default Re: How to treat the new Front Leaf Spring

"Not to be a stick in the mud but wouldn't it be better to paint each leaf before applying slip plate?"

That will increase the spring rate to a point where you think you have no springs.

"Un bolt everything. On the surfaces that will touch each other, spray with "Slip Plate". After it's dry, re-assemble and then paint the assembled spring with a good quality black chassis paint. I used Rustoleum Professional spray paint. Not sure what you would have available there."

About the only way to improve on that would be, have the leaves Parkerized before spraying with Slip Plate.

If you want the "stock look" just go with the paint.

If you want to keep water out, wrap the spring with black electrical tape from the eye to the U-bolt area.

If you want the real fancy look, get some of the old leather spring covers.
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