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Default Re: Dingman Collection auction

Originally Posted by Kube View Post previous post (which by the way, I did not delete) I simply pointed out a misnomer that he had previously stated as fact, case in point “Opera Coupes”.

Hey Vic,
I purposely deleted part of the post (above) I am responding to simply to save a bit of space.

I am not getting in to any fray going on here but did want to comment
(oh -oh) once again about 1940 Ford (so called) opera coupes.
The public at large has long ago dubbed these cars opera coupes and yes, some of the Ford parts books, etc. calls them that. The fact does remain that Ford Motor Co. termed them BUSINESS COUPES. Period.
Even Lorin Sorensen in his book The Classy Ford V8 states this clearly on page 102.
I quote: "Nicknamed "opera coupe" by the public, but officially called the Business Coupe, the car in this configuration was ideal for the businessman or family with small children (or small adults). The fold-up seats hinged down from the side wall to stand on a peg while a padded rail served as a backrest." Unquote.
It goes on to describe the availability of both the Business coupe with jump seats or the 5-window Coupe with a single seat and package shelf.
So, my point is: If anyone knew Fords it was Lorin Sorensen.
The public may call them whatever they choose. However, I think it important that at the very least, the public should know the fact(s) before making their choice.

In response to your earlier comments about my "trailer queens"... I never took that as an insult but rather a compliment. Thank you.
My "trailer queens" are ready to roll with the best 'drivers'. I enjoy building them more so then driving them. However, when and if I sell them, well, what the new owner does is his prerogative. Whether or not I can understand the thinking process.

With due respect,
Mike Kubarth

Mike, As far as the "Opera Coupe" debate goes, I agree that Loren Sorensen does know Ford history, I also know that most people that are into Early V8's look at the EFV8 Club as "the authority" and on their web site (as I previously posted) they list the '40 Deluxe & Standard Coups as Business (Opera) coupes and apparently got the definitions from original Ford literature. It is truly an enigma wrapped in a puzzle. As for my reference to Trailer Queens, it was meant as a complement. Vic
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