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Default Re: Dingman Collection auction

Originally Posted by V8COOPMAN View Post
Vic...This is an interesting volley. In your "lunchtime" campaign, you've made reference on at least three occasions to "trailer queens", and that you BUILD your cars to be driven. In the "lunchtime" post that you later deleted with reference to Kube and I being "kissin' cousins", you also made specific reference to Kube's restorations being "trailer queens". Interesting to note that the subject '40 Ford convertible in the above-noted auction obviously DID NOT turn-out to be a "trailer queen". Imagine that an almost perfect (999 point) restoration MUST ONLY putt back and forth, into and out of a trailer. Well, THIS resto kind of proves that theory isn't quite all it was imagined to be. Those Great Race guys "pound" on those cars way harder than you ever will on your "driver" Zep. By the way, I've never met Kube. I've never even spoken to Kube. I'm a '40 Ford guy, among other interests. ANYBODY in the '40 Ford world that knows just a little bit knows what Kube turns-out, and what he's made of. Seems like his ol' trailer queens will go right on down the road just fine. DD
Coopman, you are right, I don't build "trailer queens". Apparently, Mr. Dingman didn't feel that the Flathead in the '40 was up to the task of running the "Great Race", so he had it rebuilt. He also converted the car to 12 volts and added a few additional accessories but it was his car and his prerogative when he did so. In reality, KUBES restoration (as beautiful as it was) did not compete in the Great Race as he had built it, as you imply (that is not to say that it couldn't have). As for driving the cars, I have a '47 Convertible that I bought in 1997 and I've put just under 144,000 miles on it to date. I've driven my '39CS up and down the east coast from NY to FL several times, and I drive our other Flatheads on extended road trips every chance I get. To reiterate, I have no problem with KUBES restorations, I think they are beautiful cars, in previous post (which by the way, I did not delete) I simply pointed out a misnomer that he had previously stated as fact, case in point “Opera Coupes”. Imagine that! Trailer Queens, daily drivers, un-restored originals, hot rods, etc. all have a place in the hobby and all should be appreciated. By the way, I'm glad to see that you are still a fan and that you apparently continue to delve into my postings with an intense level of scrutiny, I appreciate that.
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