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Default Re: Dingman Collection auction

Originally Posted by Kube View Post
Thanks for the very kind words 19Fordy and leading me to the sale. I looked at that car but didn't read the verbiage that accompanied it simply because it didn't look like my car. I mean a cup holder? Really? Plus, that engine compartment... yech. I never had the bumper tips nor the grille guard on there either.
NOW I know why!

ARRRGGGHHH! My stomach hurts...

The real shame as I see it was the customizing of that particular vehicle. It was an honest 999 point car, one that I went "crazy" on during the restoration. The engine was the last remaining NOS engine I had, purred like a kitten and was very strong.

Vic, you may find this kidding - but the single point I lost on that car (Dearborn, 2003) was for leaving two, yes two pits in one of the rear axle housings.

It says he had Roush go through the motor.... what a waste of your "last NOS engine" Some people have more $ than sense. Obviously he can do what he wants, but would have been nice to set that engine aside and have Roush build another one for the car. But what do I know?

By the way Kube, I appreciate your expertise (particularly about 40s) and the good advice you provide here.
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