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Default Re: Dingman Collection auction

Thanks for the very kind words 19Fordy and leading me to the sale. I looked at that car but didn't read the verbiage that accompanied it simply because it didn't look like my car. I mean a cup holder? Really? Plus, that engine compartment... yech. I never had the bumper tips nor the grille guard on there either.
NOW I know why!

ARRRGGGHHH! My stomach hurts...

The real shame as I see it was the customizing of that particular vehicle. It was an honest 999 point car, one that I went "crazy" on during the restoration. The engine was the last remaining NOS engine I had, purred like a kitten and was very strong.

Vic, you may find this kidding - but the single point I lost on that car (Dearborn, 2003) was for leaving two, yes two pits in one of the rear axle housings.
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