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Default Re: Installing a Y-Block in a 36 Coupe

FoMoCo fans tout "keep a Ford in a Ford". When it comes to flatheads, we put 59As & 8BAs in older cars and it's no big deal. The Y block is an engine that was little more than a quick evolution of a flathead. When you dig into one attempting to increase the power of an older car without knowledge of the motor's design, you are taking on a big effort for little or no gain. The Y blocks are better off staying in the vehicles they were designed for. The flatheads are a lot more fun to play with even if they are underpowered little boat anchors. They get more attention than the monkey motion engines when car folks are shooting the breeze. Nobody really cares if they have all the idiosynchratic problems. They just keep trying ways to overcome them.
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