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Default Re: Installing a Y-Block in a 36 Coupe

It’s funny to me that everyone keeps telling me to look on the HAMB for information when over half the people on that site have never even built a car before and have no clue. On the other hand; the Fordbarn is full of need I say older gentlemen that are directly responsible for modifying all the cars in the 50’s & 60's. Nobody’s mad we all love a traditional car! So why not ask the person who’s done it before and get the correct information first time.

Just some info on my car – 1936 5w Coupe that was modified sometime in the 50’s: Baby blue/white tuck n roll, Baby blue/white pinstripes, fender skirts, big black number 36 painted on the doors, Jefferson Texas painted on the quarters and a few other tricks. So as you can see I’m not starting with a complete original car because someone on the Fordbarn probably modified it way back when… plans are to put it back almost stock but add a different engine/trans combination and drive the wheels off of it!

At this ponit, I’m only asking a question about the swap and at the end of the day might even go back with a Flathead……just my 2 cents

Thanks for all of you help and information
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