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Default Re: Installing a Y-Block in a 36 Coupe

Originally Posted by Bruce Lancaster View Post
For research on this find a HAMBer with a good magazine collection; R&C did a detailed 3 part swap on a Y into a '40 pickup, and HRM covered a swap into a '40 car. Good info on necessary cuts, major oil pan thrash, etc.
All the issues would be harder in a '36 due to the ultra-short engine compartment and slanted radiator.
IMHO...difficult swap to an engine that is heavier and externally bigger than its displacement and especially its power justify.
I'll probably be lynched for saying this...but a 283 Chevy is a FAR better package for fit and FARFARFAR better on every aspect of weight and size versus results.
IMHO...the SBC is not only the spiritual successor to the flathead, it is a practically interchangeable package with it.
If you read early rod magazines...they did how to hop your Y articles for a year or twoafter introduction, then suddenly the articles were all about how to swap nearly anything GM or Chrysler into your Y block powered Ford. There were reasons.
BRUCE...Not only are you forever-sharing and gifted in your knowledge of this old junk, but you are also quite open-minded and realistic when it comes down to real-world practicality and workable alternatives. DD

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