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Default Re: Installing a Y-Block in a 36 Coupe

In 1955 I helped a friend of mine put a '55 Ford Y block into a '40 Ford coupe.
I recall that it was a real chore... We had to change the timing case cover/water-pump to a Merc.. overall it was shorter. We used a '50 Merc overdrive trans which required an open drive line. The rear end was modified with a pickup center section and springs.
The intent of the car was to make a really good highway driver, which the car turned out to be.. However, my '36 coupe with a highly modified 59 AB would run off and hide from my friends '40.
My friend and I took the car out to the drag strip one weekend to see how it would do through the lights. My friend was really disappointed because the car only turned 76 mph.
My friend used the car as his daily driver for over 15 years, he then painted it Omaha orange, it was originally black, and sold it. Within three weeks of the sale, the car was totaled by the new owner..
Hot Rod Magazine did a big article on the '40 in a '55 issue of their mag.. The car appeared again in Hot Magazine in the mid 60's in an article recalling cars of 'yesterday'.
Bill.... 36 5 win cpe
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