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Default Re: Installing a Y-Block in a 36 Coupe

Originally Posted by 40cpe View Post
I put a 239 ('54 model. I know, but hindsight is good) in '37 coupe in1958. I used a thunderbird oil pan, a motor mount that bolted to the front and used the original frame holes. I don't know if the 239 is smaller, but I don't remember any clearance issues. I traded it to a friend who later changed it to an E430.
More on this story: My "friend"s car was a '40 convert. with built flathead. It turns out the flathead had a bad crank and he was trying to unload it. As luck would have it, the '54 engine in my '37 had a scored main but I didn't know it. His Dad said we both got beat on that deal.
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