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Default Re: Ok so a brand new radiator and it still runs hot

Originally Posted by Tom Wesenberg View Post
That sounds about right to me, and I don't see anything that needs to be fixed. Antifreeze will raise the boiling point of the coolant.
I agree with Tom.

My experience is very similar to yours. New Brassworks radiator on new rebuild with 5.9 head, 160-degree thermostat. Temp in the 180's on a hot Michigan day (90's). Don't know why it doesn't hold at 160, but as long as it doesn't overflow, no problem. Could be the difference between water and antifreeze--sounds far-fetched to me but I have no other ideas.

Modern cars are thermostatted to run at 190 or higher. It hurts nothing, keeps the oil cleaner, and increases efficiency. As long as it doesn't boil over.

I don't understand all of the recommendations to advance timing. My understanding is that hich compression heads need less advance. Winfield hc heads had a special block that was used to offset-retard the timing.

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