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Default Re: Hot Rodding Methods

Thanks 40Deluxe

' I think it was more of a sales technique'

Could be.

'two sides primary and one side secondary'

Sounds worth looking into.

One of these little hot rod books has explanation of how coil is made and works.Very useful!

SIDE NOTE:Plan is to put some engine in a lightweight tube frame and

THEN see how much 'more engine' we want.

Experiment #1 will be basically stock engine in light frame.See if it is scary fast without having to pull all the weight around anymore.

Back to this.

Will continue with 'high rpm' push to the limits building compared to large cubic inch low stessed engine build.

You have to add in different purposes.An Indy car will always be small engine.A Super Stock will be a big heavy car.

It gets complicated in a way.
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