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My father simply said, "Your car can only use stock parts." That was the end of "How to Soup Up Ford and Mercury Flathead V-8's by Floyd Clymer. My friend sold me Chevrolet V-8 out of a farm to market milk truck that did not get sent back to warranty claim after it seized and was replaced. Fortunately, Racer Brown had written articles on the new for 1955 Chevrolet V-8 that included part numbers for the entire innards of the Fuel Injection Corvette available not from aftermarket sources. With a Duntov cam and the oiling flat machined for 1956 but overdone a bit by a machinist to simply copy the hydraulic lifter flat on the 1956 cam 7200 rpm would show the oil pressure needle waving like a hand. The limit then was shifting at 6500 rpm with a Ford Long type semicentrifugal clutch and stock strength clutch linkage. Avoid those big inch Olds strokers to avoid 5500 rpm and be a bit challenged by the angle block 348 Chevrolet and 352 Ford until a baby blue 1956 Ford Tudor with a McCullouch supercharger, 3-speed and a 312 came and blew off an Impala convertible with a Continental kit and Turboglide. My first carburetor was a Carter WC 2-barrel with metering rods that had it's float crushed by an upside down AC electric fuel pump. In 1960 the new manger at the A & P who had an Olds powered 1940 coupe and sold me a Mallory Magspark and centrifugal only distributor bought a new 1960 Ford Starliner with the 352 Interceptor engine Cruisamatic. Pinnebog Road had new asphalt and he thought I should honor him with a test of wills. "Convert RPMs to fragments vs. no substitute for cubic inches."
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