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Default Re: Hot Rodding Methods

Originally Posted by all american boy View Post
' Those old articles are pretty much wrong!'

Wrong at what?

The common sense and enthusiasm in these articles plus CONFIDENCE is what we're looking at.

These articles are a guide to doing just what they claim to do.

We are happy with them.

Well, as I remember those how-to articles, they were state-of-the-art for the time for the most part. Some were just page fillers, though. Anyway, they recommended polishing all the ports to a mirror finish as much as possible. Modern research has proven that intake ports should not be polished. I don't remember those articles emphasizing the importance of a consistent cross section throughout the length of the port, either.
If you're building your engine to 60 year old standards for the nostalgia of it, then I say go for it and have fun!
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