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Default Re: Hot Rodding Methods

Found Hot Rod annual about Isky doing testing to develop new grinds for new

Chevy 348.Okay.It's not a Ford 292 or a 312 but close enough.

They were consistently reving up to 6500 rpm and producing maximum horsepower at those RPM's.

The higher RPM's were achieved with roller tappet cam packages.

They burned a hole in a piston.The culprit was distributor not providing enough advance.

Said that could be remedied with stock distributor set for full advance at high RPM'S.Said better solution was twin coil.

These results are all dyno proven.The article has charts of RPM and HP readings.

So.Same thing can be done to Ford OHV V8 (Y block).

In that era '58 MEL's were called 'angle block' engines.

Don't recall what they called '58 FE's.Conventional head?
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