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Default Re: Hot Rodding Methods

Correction.Karol Miller article we have is in Hop Up Your Engine December 1959.

The engine has Isky 'Cam Kit'.Camshaft, HD spings, tubular pushrods and some other parts.
He lightened valves and rockers to 'a fraction of their weight'.

Says it will run up to 7100 RPM.

Kids.If you are going to try this at home here are some tips.

When you rev up the engine put the car on jackstands with the floorjack under the differential.

Rev the engine with trans in high gear and facing OUT of the garage not IN to the garage.Have somebody behind the wheel with good reflexes.

Rear wheels will be spinning and if it falls off jackstands and floorjack it will take off on you!

Not good for the engine to free rev it with no load on the engine.

This is how they tune the cars at drag strips in Southern California.
The Californian

Lincoln 430

Hobby car tube frame build(Rolling engine test stand)

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