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Default Re: Hot Rodding Methods

Originally Posted by all american boy View Post
The two limiting factors to getting the engine to turn high rpm's are the ignition and the valve action. Says the ignition just is not firing the fixture completely above 5000rpm.

Then the valves 'crash' above 5000 rpm.So that is what needs to be improved.

Says the factory engine is good for 5000 RPM and the goal is to get it to turn about 7000 rpm.

This info is from the 1959 Hot Rod annual 'Hot Rodding Methods' article.

Once the engine can run at 7000 rpm then it is on to improving the breathing of the engine to burn more fuel and air mixture.

Which consists of 2 4bbls or 3 2bbl's, port work, bigger valves and such.

This is a darn good roadmap to building your engine for better acceleration and top speed.

This clear thinking in these books is first class!

If you want to keep running 60 year old technology use a dual point distributor with extra strong springs on the points. Then throw some shims under the strongest valve springs available in 1959. Be sure to carry a broom to sweep broken parts off the track!
Or, update that 430 with a good electronic ignition setup like MSD or Accel. This will give reliable ignition at any RPM you can turn. Then get a modern valve train kit (valves, keepers, retainers, locks, springs, pushrods, rockers if available). Also a modern cam grind! Again, this will let you turn any RPM you're brave/foolish enough to try for! Simple!!
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