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Default Re: 1932 Firewall Blueprints

No, that information is not in the parts catalogue. In a way, it is a remarkably stupid request as the only place the date(s) appear is on the drawings themselves.

Normally there are at least two dates per drawing, one when it was first drawn and a second when the part is designated as obsolete and no longer serviced.

Further, when a part is revised, as happened many times over the range of parts used in the production of the '32 and other model year vehicles and the drawing is revised rather than redrawn, the date of the revision is added to the list of dates on the drawing. If, for example, the dash (firewall) drawing was only revised and not redrawn it would have another three dates on the drawing (the dates appear in the upper right hand corner of the drawings) for a total of five. There is only one way that I am aware to ascertain what those dates were and that is to look at the microfilm or hard copy. So, how could they possibly expect someone like yourself to know those dates when they only appear on the document that you are requesting? Dumb, dumb, and dumber.
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