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Default Re: 1932 Firewall Blueprints

Originally Posted by DavidG View Post
A copy of the original engineering drawing for the firewall can be obtained at the Benson Ford Research Center at the Henry Ford in Dearborn, MI. There were four versions of it spread throughout the model year, but two of those involved minor changes and most likely the then-current drawing was marked up to reflect the change. In other words, there were likely two distinctly different drawings and perhaps, as is often the case in my experience, only the last version survives in the microfilm files.

Thank you David, for the response. I have became familiar with three of the four versions in my hours of looking at pictures on the net. Two are recesses and the other protrudes beyond the hood lip. I will contact the Benson Ford Research Center and get the process started to obtain a copy. I really do appreciate your lead here, got me excited about it..
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