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Default Re: Has Anyone Ever Found an Abandoned Model "A"

50 years ago was a long time ago....
But finding hulks (and full cars) in the South was common. Unfortunately, southern cars were affected by humidity and hardwood acid from leaves and trees. I've found cars and checked back ever few years and ......still not for sale. I watched one Tudor sedan melt into the earth. Wish I had time-lapse photos; would have been sad.

Watched a 30 Roadster along with a 32 Chevy Master coupe. The lean-to eventually collapsed on them....

I also remember a 33 3 window coupe behind a house on blocks that I couldn't buy. Watched it for 20 years and then one day gone.....hopefully not to a crusher. It was complete but not sure of original engine, etc. But all original interior (a bit ratty)
was there and garnishes! Funny thing is the house is still there and I look every time I go by like it is going to re-appear!!

But that was then and now is now. In those days, the cars were only 30 ish years old!! And I was 20 ish! Yep, that was then and now is now.
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