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Default Re: Has Anyone Ever Found an Abandoned Model "A"

The gent I purchased my Phaeton from lived in Las Vegas and made a yearly trek to the Antique Nationals held in Fontana, CA. Right at the border between Nevada and California, he noticed what appeared to be an abandoned car some distance off the road. It was too far to tell what it was but it made an impression on him.

The following year, he took a pair of binoculars with him and stood on his bumper to get high enough to study it. He could tell it was worth investigating so he hiked to the car and discovered it was in very good shape considering the years it had been abandoned. The only rust-out was in the door skin of the left rear door and left front fender where it had received some accident damage.

The next year, while again going to the Antique Nationals, he towed a trailer and drove off the road right up to the Phaeton. He used a "come-along" to pull the car on the trailer. He did not ask any questions...he just loaded it and went on his way. He said he was not sure if the car was resting in Nevada or California but did mention that it was resting on "Federal Land".

When I purchased the car, it had a clear Nevada title as after hearing the story I checked before making the final payment and loading it on my trailer. I often wonder... Is the Phaeton, shown in my avatar to the left, a stolen car?

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