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Default Re: Has Anyone Ever Found an Abandoned Model "A"

When I bought my property here in Cow Hampshire, the land was undeveloped, but had been a farm until about 1929 when the house on the corner two lots up had burned.

The house fire was notable and was written up in the Portsmouth, NH paper. It was described as a "mutual assist" fire with fire companies from all the surrounding towns working to save the house across the street, and what outbuildings they could.

The land went derelict some time after WWII. Owned but not cared for. The farm buildings collapsed and were carted away.

By the time of my arrival in the early 1980s, the foundation hole was all that remained of the farmhouse on the corner. In this was a "water system" based on a one-lunger engine. My friend and I laboriously removed the engine when I heard the property was for sale and inquired to its removal at the listing broker (she was glad for anything removed which might increase the odds of a sale.)

Adjacent to this house and on the lot closer to mine was the fallen boards of a shed which contained the remains of a Model T. The engine was gone, the dashboard was there, seat springs, and a couple of fenders. The wheels had rotted out although one could see the metal rims laying on their side with a hub more or less in the center of each like a target which hit its mark.

The gentleman who built my house went on to buy the property next door and one of his first tasks was the removal of his front yard "eyesore." There wasn't much left. He asked me if I wanted it knowing I had a Model A.

"I'll pass," I said.

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