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Default Re: Has Anyone Ever Found an Abandoned Model "A"

Originally Posted by Hoovercw View Post
I had some property being mined a few years back. I was talking to the foreman on the phone and he said they found four model A cars when they drained a lake. I was halfway out the door to race down there when he followed up that statement with, " We went ahead and buried them in the pit a couple months ago.". I was crushed. They were crushed. He was clueless.
Fun thread!
I sometimes wonder how many things we consider to be of value were destroyed when they were just another "that od thing". Then there are things destroyed through ignorance. The latter, as disappointing as it is, is a aprt of life.
Back to the thread! I have a firend who travells through the mid west of your country often and has a knack for finding just the right barn. He has several Model As he has bought from farmers, repaired (not restored) and drives. IMO, he is at the very opposite end of the scale from the likes of that foreman.
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