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Default Re: Has Anyone Ever Found an Abandoned Model "A"

My 1928 Model A Roadster Pickup was found abandon out in the Mojave Desert according to the previous Owner in the late '50's.
It was found in a very deep ravine. It had slid down and the rear axle was broken. It took a large Tow Truck with a Winch to pull it up the steep hillside.
I think it was being used to haul ore from mining out in the Mojave Desert as I removed a lot of sharp rock pieces out of the bed pockets.
The rear axle was replaced and I can see that one side of the rear frame rail has been welded. The front crossmember has a lot of bracing welded on it and weld beads that most likely were once cracks. I bought it 5 years ago from the previous owners son. His father died in the late '70's so we cannot ask any details.
I wish these Cars and Trucks could talk!
There has to be some Great Stories about their History!!!
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