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Default Re: Has Anyone Ever Found an Abandoned Model "A"

I took out an 1929 AA truck (The Waltons type) from within a collapsed shed. The former owner was going to "do something with it someday" - but the roof had rotted on the shed, water poured down on the AA and rotted that fabric roof too, and the water continued to rain down on the 4 speed transmission - which had the top conveniently left off for inspection (possibly to check on the progress of rusting to a hulk?)

I brought a chain saw and we sawed the truck clear of the building and a tilt-bed picked it up whole and brought it to my house.

Tires were rotted and literally fell off the rims during the pick-up. I remember having fear that the cab portion of the truck would "blow away" in the air blast on top of the wrecker since I knew from my own previous experience with square cabs that they are wont to rot out at the bottom and probably there was not much left holding it in place.

The truck itself was reasonably sound. Problem is, I already had a similar 1930 truck as a frame with a motor with 26K original miles on it. The 1929 one had been subject to hard use during its life, and it showed a bit.

The frame had been "strengthened" at the cantilever point with 1/2" steel plates. Whoever did it did it right and included the cantilever footings in the bolting - and additional bolts perhaps 18" either side of the cantilever attaching the sister plates. It was a credible repair - almost an "upgrade" in its depth and execution.

The truck actually had the high speed rear end (a desirable for the Borg-Warner differential) and had "later" brake drums of cast iron (again desirable) - it was a truck of some use and and a previous owner of some interest had been keeping it in repair - at least until its shed interlude.

But sad it was. I decided to scrap it in parts. Certain components of the body were kept, the doors were kept, the gas tank (the later tank with the 1930ish gas fill) and all the mechanical components were kept. The frame went away.

Meanwhile, I was attempting to get back to that 1930ish low miles chassis and do a "reversion" of sorts and put a square cab on it. But - the job changed - my ability to live, much less recreate at home became challenged. You know your lifestyle has changed when you're at home and your time there becomes too valuable to use it on yourself.

So the 1930ish low mile chassis was sold to a buyer in Texas - and the 1929ish Truck wreck parts that were of value went with the Texas buyer. He bought a nice "package" with all the bells and whistles to make himself a very fine truck.

I effectively "bowed out" of "heavy iron."
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