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Default Re: Has Anyone Ever Found an Abandoned Model "A"

When I was a kid, there were model A cast offs in ravines and trash dumps near the Arkansas River in western Kansas where I grew up. Along about the mid 60s to the early 70s, folks started snatching them up wherever they found them. One fellow that did a lot of the picking had around 20 frames with near 10 having bodies and running gear. He had an auction in the late 70s and netted around $10K which was a lot of money back then. None of the derelicts I remember being out there are out there anymore. One of them was a 29 Tudor Sedan that a fellow I know picked up and eventually restored. I still have the horn from that car that I picked back in the early 70s. I'm not near one of the older guys on this forum but I still remember a 1930 Tudor Sedan setting for sale in the mid 60s and it set there for years with a $250 price tag on it. Someone finally paid the price though. It was in drivable condition but needed paint. I'd have bought it but I was looking for a 29 Sport Coupe or Roadster.

I didn't see too many when I was working in the desert southwest and rocky mountains in the early 1980s. Mostly just the normal derelict 50s to 60s cars & trucks plus a lot of junk mining & construction equipment.
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