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Default Re: sleeved wheel cylinders

Originally Posted by Alaska Jim View Post
I agree with Mart. In fact I just ordered a new Master cylinder for my '51 Merc. (different vendor ). I ask if it was sleeved, I was told it was not, we will see. I see no reason to sleeve a new master cylinder, or wheel cylinder. As far as the wheel cylinders we used , that the sleeve popped out of, they were ordered over the phone, the catalog was not referenced, and the vendor on the phone did not offer any information to the fact that a new wheel cylinder was sleeved, and being a new cylinder, we did not expect it to be sleeved. -- Jim
If they advertise them as stainless steel then they may just mean the bore being stainless to prevent rust from seizing the cylinder. This is an interesting thread due to the safety factor and that many of us have sleeved cylinders to save them. The fact that this is new may give us something to look for.
If it was a loose fit then you certainly would have fluid leaking behind the sleeve. I thought of machining a groove with a lock ring to prevent this but a properly pressed in sleeve should not have this problem. At least I would not think it would.
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