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Default Re: 1955 ford Ranchwagon/ pitman arm shaft seal.

Thanks Alaska Jim and dmsfrr for your suggestions and help with this question. Like I mentioned,the engine has been rebuilt.I took the block and heads to be worked on at a machine shop.The the guy at the machine shop called me to go see all the crap that came out of the block,looked just like in the pix here. He put the block in boiler room ( I don't know what the exact word is),I think he said the vat or something like that.He did have to bore out the cylinders to 30 over.He also machined the heads and did what ever had to be done to them.When I picked up the block,it was really nice and clean. Heads looked good too. He has been in that business for 35 years and is very good at it.
I am using the origional 6 blade fan.I put a fan spacer and it now sits about 3/4" away from the rad. I don't have a shroud for it but if I decide to keep the oem fan,I will order one.The Rad is brand new,4 row copper and brass rad.All new hoses too.
I drove it over the weekend and the temp.reached about 200 degrees.Is this normal for this 302 being that there is some friction due to all the new parts. A friend of mine here in town told me that since it was bored out,the walls are thinner and will tend to run on the hot side so for me to get a shroud and maybe a fan clutch.What do you guys think about this idea/ Thanks.
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