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Default Re: 31 coupe will not go over 40 mph

I think you have not owned a mod. A for very long? Correct? How well does it start? Does it miss at any point in the RPM range? Does it do anything else? Did this just start? Did you just buy the car? Does it sound like it's over reving when you hit 40 MPH.
Some possible causes; Distributor malfunction, either something wrong inside or not timed correctly. Poor gas flow. Pedal not opening the butterfly all the way. Dragging brakes (The emergency brake is not fully released). The tires are not inflated enough. An outside possibility is that your cam timing gear has lost a tooth and it jumped timing. This is possible but check this last. Mod A s were designed to run at 60MPH and we hear of stock A s that will run at 70. So it's not that your car has reached it's design limits.
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