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Default Re: Ford ran 2/3 cars at the 1035 Indy 500?

Originally Posted by qmdv View Post
Kong, Ed Winfield and me in 1976 outside Ed's house in Vegas. It was fun looking through his photo album.

That was my "B" motor with a Cook four port. Notice the one of a kind Kong ignition with the olds four banger dist cap. Had two Winfield downdrafts on the other side That roadster pickup was a runner. They cannot help but run with me getting advice from Wess Cooper and Kong Jackson

Here is a good read on Ed

I've always loved this picture. So great. I bet that motor was a runner.

When I in my '20's, I called and spoke to both Kong and Navarro. I was just a dumb kid and didn't realize the magnitude of the gentlemen I was speaking to. I wish I could go back in time and talk to them again and the questions I would ask them now.
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