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Default Re: Planetary Alignment? - '38 convertible.

Here's one definition of cabriolet and convertible. Semantically puzzling.
Cabriolet is a synonym of convertible. Convertible is a synonym of cabriolet.
As nouns the difference between convertible and cabriolet is that convertible is a car whose roof can be removed or folded while cabriolet is an automobile with a retractable top.

As a adjective convertible is able to be converted.

In 1938 there was the convertible coupe 81A-760A with only the front seat.
There was also the convertible Club Coupe 81A-760B which ,I think, also had a back seat.
Also, in 1938 the terms Roadsters,Cabriolet and Club Cabriolet were dropped and replaced with the terms convertible coupe and convertible club coupe. Source: The V-8 Album

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