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Default Body to frame! Anyone ever have this?

No pics this time, you'll have to visualize. I'm trying to bolt my newly painted 4 dr body onto the frame and something keeps holding it up about 1/8 " over. It just won't lay down flat on the frame. The 1/8" welting is full frame length. With clearances cut around bolt heads.It sits down in the front, it's only the in the rearThe only things that seems to be holding the sills up are the two rear bumper brackets. Clamping hard and pulling it down with the frame bolts on the rest of the frame might solve one problem, but cause more (door fit for one). So, Should I shim the body sills and just pull it down, or what.
Additionally, I want to warn you all about "Classic Woods" body sills. It's a small thing. The three holes on each side for the front seat brackets (slider brackets) are drilled in too wide a pattern They are off about 1/2 inch, it makes the wooden seat frame not fit. Snyders lists about 3 4dr styles of front seats. do any of these have a different hole spacing where the slider brackets bolt to the frame? These bolts would be 5/16" X approximately 2 1/4 long 3 per side, 6 altogether

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