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Default Re: Generator light coming on

Originally Posted by delco1946 View Post
Ate my own words I think. This morning was in the mid 60s and before the sun rose, I was getting the gen light to glow just using the power windows (without driving lights on). I guess it was too dim to see in normal daylight.


I was actually thinking of asking you about that. I've been deceived by ambient light, too. A good way to get around that is to take a take one of those long cardboard tubes - like what gift wrapping paper comes coiled around - and put one end up snugly to the gen light and sight through the other end to see whether your gen light is actually off, or just dim. Don't do this while driving, of course.

My 12 volt 1961 Mercury has a generator, too, but it gets none of the persistent gen light signals that my '54 gets (unless there's an actual problem with the generator or volt reg.) As I said earlier, however, my '54 light stays off consistently once I hit a certain speed/rpm, and at any speed after that point.

If your regulator is old, and you haven't replaced it yet, it might be time, but you might get a multimeter out first to see what's actually happening with your charging system.
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