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Default Re: Generator light coming on

Delco1946, my '54 wagon's 6 volt system and gen light does the exact same thing as yours. I completely rewired the entire car a few years ago (with a Ron Francis kit) including a rebuilt generator and new voltage regulator. It did what you describe both before and after the rewire. I'm lax about checking my gen belt, but I adjust it now and then, though. I'm going to do that in the next day or two. Two other things:

Do you ever drive your car at highway speeds? What I find is the light gets brighter and brighter up to about 55+ mph (about 2800 rpm) then the gen light goes out abruptly and usually doesn't come back any speed...until I turn off the car and start it again.

Besides the belt, I also suspect the voltage regulator, but I've put a few new ones on over the years. A new regulator seems to improve things for a short while, then the phenomenon seems to return. My existing regulator also has the issue of keeping the gen and oil lights on slightly after the ignition key is removed, which is remedied by lightly tapping the regulator. (That happens rarely, nowadays.) Very strange for a regulator with maybe 1500 miles on it. I suspect these new regulators are very poorly made. I do little about this issue because it has never resulted in my battery being drained or me being stranded.

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