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Default Generator light coming on

Hi all, I have a (different) generator light issue this time ( previously posted about the voltage reg sticking occasionally).

I’ve noticed on multiple occasions at night (lights on) I’ve noticed my generator idiot light start to dimly glow. The faster the engine revs, the brighter it will glow. It even tracks with the shifts - shifts up then the light dims a bit gradually getting brighter as I gain speed. If I add to the load, radio, fan, windows, etc the light gets brighter yet. The lights appears to go out at idle, at which time no amount of added load seems to turn it on. What gives?

I’ve heard that there is a bimetallic switch in the VR that gets affected in warm weather, but it still did it yesterday evening when it was only maybe 80ish. This evening it was mid 80s and doing it. Drove it this afternoon ( lights off) in 97 degrees and everything seemed fine. I have yet to notice this issue in the daytime with my lights off.

55, 6 volt system
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