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Smile Re: Oil Pressure - OK

I have always added an oil pressure gauge.

Here is my reason for doing so.

Many, many years ago after dropping the oil pan on my first Model A, also my first car. When we re-installed the pan, we did not know the oil pump was not properly fitted into position.

On my way home from the ESSO station where we did the work and I worked part time after school. I noticed there was “NO” reading on oil pressure gauge. Turned around, and went back to garage. Put car back on life. Removed pan and re-installed pump correctly.

Put pan back on. Re-filled with oil. Started car. Oil pressure back to 3 to 5 pounds. No known damage done.

60 years later. I still feel the need to known that oil is flowing up to the valve gallery, cam shaft, timing gear, and bearings.

Cheap insurance and gives me another thing to look at. Our car is stock with the exception of oil pressure gauge, WW tires, leak less water pump, oil breather, and generator tension adjuster.

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