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Default Oil system mods??

Going through all my documentation I have for my '33 and '34 Fords I came across a article on oil system modifications. Just curious if anyone has heard of it? I cannot recall where I sourced it, hey I'm an old guy... Here goes..

1/ Convert the oil system to full pressure filtering using the drilling of the oil gallery and blocking the two sides, one line to filter and one line return. It goes into great detail on this and I'm sure many are familiar with it so I won't go into the details.

2/ Enlarge the vertical 1/4" front main bearing oil hole to 5/16" using a long drill bit.

/3 Enlarge the vertical 5/16" center main bearing oil hole to 3/8".

4/ Enlarge drilled passageway connecting the block oil pump cavity and rear main bearing saddle to 3/8"..

Any one heard of this and does it have any merit???
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